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Buy A Discourse on Inequality at Amazon

A Discourse on Inequality

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Buy Aristotle Dictionary at Amazon

Aristotle Dictionary

Thomas Kiernan
Buy Art and Faith at Amazon

Art and Faith

Jacques Maritain
Jean Cocteau
Buy Autumn Leaves at Amazon

Autumn Leaves

André Gide
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Edward Conze
Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
Buy Colleagues in Genius at Amazon

Colleagues in Genius

Albert Einstein
Max Planck
W. Heisenberg
Buy Crimes of Passion at Amazon

Crimes of Passion

Marquis de Sade
Buy Dictionary of Hypnosis at Amazon

Dictionary of Hypnosis

PhD Ralph B. Winn
Buy Dictionary of Magic at Amazon

Dictionary of Magic

Harry E Wedeck
Buy Dictionary of Pagan Religions at Amazon

Dictionary of Pagan Religions

Harry E Wedeck
Wade Baskin
Buy Dictionary of Witchcraft at Amazon

Dictionary of Witchcraft

Collin de Plancy
Buy Discourse on Method at Amazon

Discourse on Method

René Descartes
Buy Encyclopedia of Superstitions at Amazon

Encyclopedia of Superstitions

Mona A. Radford
Edwin Radford
Buy Essays in Aesthetics at Amazon

Essays in Aesthetics

Jean-Paul Sartre
Buy Essays in Humanism at Amazon

Essays in Humanism

Albert Einstein
Buy Essays in Metaphysics at Amazon

Essays in Metaphysics

Martin Heidegger
Buy Essays in Science at Amazon

Essays in Science

Albert Einstein
Buy Essays in Skepticism at Amazon

Essays in Skepticism

Bertrand Russell
Buy German Existentialism at Amazon

German Existentialism

Martin Heidegger
Buy Great Philosophers Volume One at Amazon

Great Philosophers Volume One

Baruch Spinoza
Bertrand Russell
Albert Schweitzer
Buy Great Philosophers Volume Two at Amazon

Great Philosophers Volume Two

Alfred North Whitehead
Moses Maimonides
Bertrand Russell
Buy Hasidism at Amazon


Martin Buber
Buy Hinduism and Buddhism at Amazon

Hinduism and Buddhism

Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
Buy Islamic Wisdom at Amazon

Islamic Wisdom

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