Savas Beatie
Buy "The Devil's to Pay" at Amazon

"The Devil's to Pay"

Eric J. Wittenberg
Buy "To Prepare for Sherman's Coming" at Amazon

"To Prepare for Sherman's Coming"

Wade Sokolosky
Mark A. Smith
Buy 15 Years of War at Amazon

15 Years of War

Kristine Schellhaas
Buy A Guide to the Battles of the American Revolution at Amazon

A Guide to the Battles of the American Revolution

Theodore P. Savas
J. David Dameron
Buy A Little Short of Boats at Amazon

A Little Short of Boats

James A. Morgan III
Buy A Season of Slaughter at Amazon

A Season of Slaughter

Chris Mackowski
Kristopher D. White
Buy A Single Blow at Amazon

A Single Blow

Phillip S. Greenwalt
Robert Orrison
Buy A Want of Vigilance at Amazon

A Want of Vigilance

Bill Backus
Robert Orrison
Buy Army of the Potomac at Amazon

Army of the Potomac

Russel H. Beatie
Buy Battle of Big Bethel at Amazon

Battle of Big Bethel

J. Michael Cobb
Edward B. Hicks
Wythe Holt
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Benedict Arnold's Army

Arthur S. Lefkowitz
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Bloody Autumn

Daniel T. Davis
Philip S. Greenwalt
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Michael C. Harris
Buy Champion Hill at Amazon

Champion Hill

Timothy B. Smith
Buy Chancellorsville's Forgotten Front at Amazon

Chancellorsville's Forgotten Front

Chris Mackowski
Kristopher D. White
Buy Chicago's Battery Boys at Amazon

Chicago's Battery Boys

Richard Brady Williams
Buy Confederate Waterloo at Amazon

Confederate Waterloo

Michael J. McCarthy
Buy Discovering Gettysburg at Amazon

Discovering Gettysburg

W. Stephen Coleman
Buy Fighting for General Lee at Amazon

Fighting for General Lee

Sheridan R. Barringer
Buy Flames Beyond Gettysburg at Amazon

Flames Beyond Gettysburg

Scott L. Mingus Sr.
Buy General Lee's Immortals at Amazon

General Lee's Immortals

Michael C. Hardy
Buy Grant's Last Battle at Amazon

Grant's Last Battle

Chris Mackowski
Kristopher D. White
Buy Hey Buddy at Amazon

Hey Buddy

Gary W. Moore
Buy John Bell Hood at Amazon

John Bell Hood

Stephen M. Hood
Buy Lincoln's Greatest Journey at Amazon

Lincoln's Greatest Journey

Noah Andre Trudeau
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