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A Shau Valor

Thomas R. Yarborough
Buy American Guerrilla at Amazon

American Guerrilla

Mike Guardia
Buy Autopsy of an Unwinnable War: Vietnam at Amazon

Autopsy of an Unwinnable War: Vietnam

Colonel William C. Haponski
Buy Axis Sally at Amazon

Axis Sally

Richard Lucas
Buy Bailout Over Normandy at Amazon

Bailout Over Normandy

Ted Fahrenwald
Buy Battle for Skyline Ridge at Amazon

Battle for Skyline Ridge

James E. Parker Jr.
Buy Behind the Lines at Amazon

Behind the Lines

W. F. Morris
Buy Bretherton at Amazon


W. F. Morris
Buy Crusader at Amazon


Mike Guardia
Buy Da Nang Diary at Amazon

Da Nang Diary

Tom Yarborough
Buy Escape to Pagan at Amazon

Escape to Pagan

Brian Devereux
Buy Forest of the Hanged at Amazon

Forest of the Hanged

Liviu Rebreanu
Buy Grunt Slang in Vietnam at Amazon

Grunt Slang in Vietnam

Gordon L. Rottman
Buy Guardian Angel at Amazon

Guardian Angel

William F. Sine
Buy Hal Moore at Amazon

Hal Moore

Mike Guardia
Buy Hell's Highway at Amazon

Hell's Highway

George Koskimaki
Buy If Chaos Reigns at Amazon

If Chaos Reigns

Flint Whitlock
Buy Julius Caesar at Amazon

Julius Caesar

Simon Elliott
Buy Memories Unleashed at Amazon

Memories Unleashed

Carl Rudolph Small
Buy Nanjing 1937 at Amazon

Nanjing 1937

Peter Harmsen
Buy Pagan at Amazon


W. F. Morris
Buy Pass Guard at Ypres at Amazon

Pass Guard at Ypres

Ronald Gurner
Buy Patrol at Amazon


Philip MacDonald
Buy Prisoner of the Samurai at Amazon

Prisoner of the Samurai

James Gee
Rosalie H. Smith
Buy Roux the Bandit at Amazon

Roux the Bandit

André Chamson
Buy Second Front at Amazon

Second Front

Alexander M. Grace
Buy Shade It Black at Amazon

Shade It Black

Jess Goodell
John Hearn
Buy Shadow Commander at Amazon

Shadow Commander

Mike Guardia
Buy Shanghai 1937 at Amazon

Shanghai 1937

Peter Harmsen
Buy Tanks in Hell at Amazon

Tanks in Hell

Oscar E. Gilbert
Buy The Burden of Guilt at Amazon

The Burden of Guilt

Daniel Allen Butler
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