The Dog Collar Murders

Published by Open Road Media
When an antipornography activist dies after a provocative speech, Pam Nilsen dives headlong into Seattle’s feminist community to uncover a murderer
The Seattle Conference on Sexuality is a lightning rod for controversy, with big politics and even bigger personalities descending on the city to discuss issues ranging from pornography to violence against women. Loie Marsh is one such personality, an outspoken critic of porn slated to speak on a panel about the subject. But before she can take her place on stage, Loie is found dead, strangled with a dog collar.
Pam Nilsen, the co-owner of a progressive printing collective with significant connections in Seattle’s activist community, is uniquely positioned to investigate the murder. Suspects include a member of Christians Against Pornography, an S/M advocate who owned the dog collar used to commit the murder, a producer of erotic lesbian videos, and Loie’s ex-husband—not to mention her resentful ex-lover. It’s an unconventional whodunit, but one that Pam is more than ready to take on.
The Dog Collar Murders
is the final book in the Pam Nilsen Mystery trilogy, which begins with Murder in the Collective and Sisters of the Road.

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