St. Patrick's Bed

Published by Open Road Media
–The Globe and Mail

“There’s a line drawn across your life. You cross the line forever.”

When Leo Nolan’s father dies in 1995, his stepson, Adam, now twenty-one, finally asks the question that he has never asked, the question he could never ask. He asks it simply. “Is my father alive?”

ST. PATRICK'S BED, the sequel to the highly acclaimed, World Fantasy Award finalists SHADOW OF ASHLAND and A WITNESS TO LIFE, revisits Leo’s family, eleven years after the momentous visit to Ashland, Kentucky.

Thus begins this new odyssey to Dayton, Ohio, to the past, accompanied by family ghosts and the hard truths of the present. Leo’s quest is both simple and complex: the need in the human heart for redemption, resolution and homecoming.

“If Turgenev hadn’t already nabbed it, ST. PATRICK'S BED could have been entitled Fathers and Sons, with Leo Nolan straddling both roles. The novel morphs into a road book, taking him from Toronto to Dayton, Ohio, and Ireland. Compact, quietly thoughtful, emotionally compelling….Green’s skill as a fantasist shines. A special writer.”
–The Globe and Mail

"The book is genuine."
--Dayton Daily News

"The ending of this book was like a large blast of fireworks."
--The Danforth Review

"Green’s novels tell big stories in his characters’ lives, and they become important to us as readers. Deeply satisfying...will appeal to a wide readership, one I hope he achieves, one he deserves to achieve."
–Books To Look For (Charles de Lint, Fantasy & Science Fiction)

"ST. PATRICK'S BED is a gem."
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