Sailing Time's Ocean

Published by Open Road Media
A nineteenth-century Irish convict is jolted forward in time while a man from the future takes his place, in this novel by a World Fantasy Award finalist.

Fletcher Christian IV, a descendant of the original Bounty mutineer living in the year 2072, is lost in time. His participation in mystic time-travel rituals has wreaked havoc on the space-time continuum, sending a nineteenth-century prisoner forward to Pitcairn Island in 1972 while depositing Christian in his place. As Bran Michael Dalton—the Irish convict he replaced—contends with an incomprehensible future, Christian finds himself trapped in a hellhole of disease, abuse, and unimaginable brutality. All thoughts of repairing a rift in history must be pushed aside for the greater challenge of survival at any cost.

From “a writer in the tradition of Ray Bradbury and Theodore Sturgeon” (The Edmonton Journal), Sailing Time’s Ocean is “a snappy time-travelling nuclear-bomb thriller featuring Greenpeace, Inca magic and French bomb-testing” (The Globe and Mail).
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