Romance on the Run

Published by Open Road Media
Q: Do people get married so that they don't have to have sex anymore?
A: Not many will admit it, but that is just what happens to most married couples.

The author was shocked to discover that the sex lives of most couples are neglected in favor of the more "urgent" problems of work, children and a busy lifestyle.

Guaranteed "to put the sex back into your sex life" and based on extensive interviews with real couples, ROMANCE ON THE RUN is your ticket to red-hot monogamy. Get ready to discover the joys of a revolutionized sex life, such as: The Joy of Quickies; How to make sex "easy"; Why marriage and celibacy don't mix; How to make time for sexual intimacy; How to communicate with your partner quickly and effectively; Ways to increase your pleasure...and much, much, much more!

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