Metal Men

Published by Open Road Media
This true story of the multibillionaire who fled to Switzerland “reads like a mystery novel” (USA Today).

How did Marc Rich make over ten billion dollars while paying hardly any taxes? Journalist A. Craig Copetas infiltrated the inner circle of the commodities market and Rich’s associates to show not only how the metals and minerals trader pulled off the scam, becoming one of America’s most wanted criminals, but also how other traders have used the same model to evade taxes as well.

A continuing figure of controversy even after his death, Rich, a hedge fund manager and the founder of Glencore, was wanted for evading almost ninety million dollars in taxes and if caught, could have spent life in prison. From a former staff reporter at The Wall Street Journal, Metal Men is a story of international intrigue spanning the globe, from the inside of the White House to the Kremlin, a brilliantly researched work that exposes the inner workings of one of country’s largest scams.

“Mr. Copetas is at his best evoking the high-stakes, fast-paced life of the commodities traders: the greed and corruption that consume them are the stuff of high drama.” —The New York Times Book Review

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