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Her name is synonymous with elegance and beauty. She is Jewel Prescott, whose internationally famous jewelry designs have placed her among the ranks of Tiffany, Cartier, and Bulgari. But to her enemies, she is the ultimate bitch-goddess, whose fabulous success could be ruined in one long-awaited, vengeful move. Jewel is savvy, sensual . . . and vulnerable. In turning her rough-cut dreams into a shimmering reality, she has used everything: her talent, her cunning, even the men who worship her. There is Wyatt, the New York tycoon who invests in her career—and demands a big return on his money; Sascha, the stormy Russian émigré who fathered her children—and hides secrets of his own; and Hadley, the renegade free spirit whose love for Jewel turns to hatred before it leads him back to her.

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