A Witness to Life

Published by Open Road Media
“A beautiful novel” of life and death, past and present, and the thin lines that lie between them (The Toronto Star).

On a streetcar, on Christmas Day, 1950, clutching the chrome rail in front of him, Martin Radey looks at the woman seated beside him, a stranger, and utters his last words: “I can’t breathe.” Like millions, billions before him, it is his turn to die.

But death is not what he expected. The journey has only begun. From 1880 to 1950, time happens to the world around him, not to memory, because memory, he discovers, is beyond time, traveling forward with him, shaping the earth, the sky, the heart.

The prequel to the widely celebrated Shadow of Ashland, A Witness to Life “is an emotionally charged experience that will not soon be forgotten.” (Dallas Morning News)
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