A Town of Masks

Dorothy Salisbury Davis

published by
Open Road Media
Grand Master of crime fiction Dorothy Salisbury Davis delivers a spine-tingling novel, hailed by the New York Times as “beautifully written,” about an upstanding small-town spinster whose life is overturned by a shocking murder
When other young women left the little town of Campbell’s Cove to acquire culture, see the world, fall in love, and marry, Hannah Blake stayed at home, taking a job at the bank and fighting for control of the library board. Overshadowed by the more stylish and popular women in town who seem to block every attempt she makes to improve her life, Hannah remains alone—an increasingly bitter woman whose frustration threatens to erupt into violence when something wonderful happens: One of her rivals is strangled to death.
Now Hannah finally has an opportunity to soar. But as the townspeople’s suspicions tighten around her, Hannah finds that life in the spotlight is not as glorious as she had imagined.


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