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Dark Matter

R.D. Cain
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Drawing Dead

Rick Gadziola
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Final Appeal

Colin Thatcher
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Girl in Shades

Allison Baggio
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Arlene Weintraub
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Heart of a Tiger

Herschel Cobb
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Idaho Winter

Tony Burgess
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Michelle Berry
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Malignant Metaphor

Alanna Mitchell
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William Deverell
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Once They Were Hats

Frances Backhouse
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Steve Stanton
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Steve Stanton
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Steve Stanton
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Ride the Lightning

Dietrich Kalteis
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Rogue Rabbi

Jerry Steinberg
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Ronald Reagan, My Father

Brian Joseph Davis
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Secret Rage

Brent Pilkey
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Jason Anderson
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Jay Bernstein
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The Art of Medicine

Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong
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The Carnivore

Mark Sinnett
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The Colonial Hotel

Jonathan Bennett
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The Deadbeat Club

Dietrich Kalteis
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The Doctors Are In

Graeme Burk
Robert Smith?
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The Last Hiccup

Christopher Meades
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William Illsey Atkinson
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