Published by Open Road Media
After a hard cattle drive, a trio of cowboys takes on a vicious killer

Jerry, Sandy, and Turk relax in the Durant saloon while sipping whiskey, showing off their new clothes, and waiting for night to fall. They have just finished a long drive, and decide to dream up ways to spend their money when one of their trail mates staggers into the saloon, a knife in his back. He gasps out a partial warning, then drops dead on the floor.

Whip marks crisscross the dead man’s back—the signature of their trail boss, the sadistic Amos Coyne. Sandy and his friends bury the body and return to the bar, expecting the drama to be over. But when Coyne vanishes with their horses, the men set off on a dangerous new trail that leads to a showdown with a killer—one who packs a gun, a whip, and a smile.

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