What I Believe

Published by Open Road Media
Vicki wishes she could solve her problems as easily as she can arrange words into a poem

Vicki Marnet has two wonderful big brothers who are completely regular people. They like sports, chess, and the student senate, and are totally normal—unlike Vicky, who feels in her heart that she’s different. For one thing, she writes poetry for fun. She plays with sonnets, pantoums, sestinas—all kinds of stanzas and rhymes, anything to take her mind off what’s happening at home.

Vicki’s dad lost his job, and since he can’t find another one, her family is moving to the city. They’re selling their big house, moving into a tiny apartment, and facing troubles that Vicki has never known before. Ashamed and slow to make friends at her new school, Vicki puts her thoughts down in verse as she makes a new place for herself—one that’s very much her very own.

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