Uncle Daney's Way

Published by Open Road Media
Named to the Bluebonnet Award and Mark Twain Award Master Lists: Cole isn’t happy about his great-uncle coming to live with his family . . . until Daney’s in danger of losing his beloved horse

Cole Tatro has never met his great-uncle Daney. But after he’s injured in a logging accident, he comes to live with Cole’s family on their Vermont farm. Cole isn’t sure how he’s going to feel about having a stranger around all the time. Then he meets Daney’s horse, Nip.

A big red workhorse with a tousled blond mane and a sleepy face, Nip is the pride of Daney’s life. Except Daney no longer has a job. Cole’s parents work hard—his dad at a paper mill and his mom sewing doll dresses at a local factory—but they aren’t sure they have the money to take care of Nip. That’s when Daney comes up with the perfect solution. But he’ll need Cole’s help to carry it out.

Uncle Daney’s Way is a story of grit, determination, and one family’s ingenuity in the face of hardship.

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