The Rose Canyon Gang

Published by Open Road Media
When ranch hands turn bad, four cowboys go to war to protect their boss

Four men crouch in the meager shelter of Rose Canyon, vowing revenge against the man who kicked them off the MM Ranch. Two are old hands who have been punching cattle since the wild days of the Old West. One is a youngster, desperate to make a reputation as a hard man. And the last is Drew Tango, a lawman turned bad with a look in his eyes that marks him as a killer. The MM’s owner lies dying in his bed, and his foreman has a scheme to steal the ranch. Firing these four men was the first step. The next one will be war.

Tango leads the men back to the MM to protect Roberta, the rightful heir to the ranch. She may have legal title to the land, but Drew Tango knows that in this country, the only law is the gun.

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