The Prisoner of Gun Hill

Published by Open Road Media
On the run from a posse, a killer becomes a slave

When Luke Walsh hears Dee Dee Bright calling for help, he breaks down her hotel room door. He finds the dance-hall beauty half-naked underneath a brutish man, and draws his gun without thinking. Suddenly a marshal is dead, and Luke’s life isn’t worth dirt. He escapes into the desert, but when his water runs dry and his horse drops dead, he prepares for the end. He collapses, only to wake in the back of a stranger’s wagon. Taken captive by outlaws, he soon wishes he had not survived.

As a slave working in a gold mine, Luke endures a new life of savage discipline in which the only law is death. The worst surprise comes when Dee Dee Bright arrives, flanked by her outlaw lover. The woman who ruined his life is not through with him yet, but Luke Walsh knows how to settle a score.

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