The One for Me

Published by Open Road Media
Featuring twins, triplets, and multiple identities, this is a whimsical, romantic tale about the perils of living someone else’s life

It starts when Katherine Asher’s sister makes a date with two different men. When she asks her triplet to take her place with one of them, Katherine tells herself this is the last time she will agree to a bait and switch. That is, until the take-no-prisoners attorney meets her date. Architect John Wesley is nice, well mannered . . . and drop-dead gorgeous. And he thinks he’s kissing her sister Corrie!

Pretending to be his twin brother has its occasional perks, but meeting “Corrie” makes Peter wish he had gotten there first. When he finds out who she really is—with two sisters who are mirror images of one another—he realizes that he and Katherine have a lot in common. Until they find themselves on opposite sides of an explosive case.

The One for Me is a delightful story of love and romance . . . and being yourself.

This ebook features an extended biography of Mary Kay McComas.

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