The Hunger of Time

Published by Open Road Media
A time machine may be one family’s only salvation as the world hurtles toward an apocalypse in this cyberpunk thriller.

Technology has started to accelerate at a terrifying rate. By the mid-twenty-first century, we might see a Singularity: a convergence of artificial intelligence, advanced nanotechnologies for building things at the atomic scale, precise genomics, and other wonders. What happens after that? Will the descendants of today’s humanity become gods or demons, or simply destroy themselves? And will we be among their number, carried along by rejuvenation and immortality treatments? For Natalie and her irritatingly beautiful young sister Suzanna, these are no longer abstract questions. The familiar world is on the brink of crisis. Dumped by her live-in boyfriend and stuck back at home with her parents, Nat is not a happy person. And her father, Hugh, is acting like a mad scientist. What the hell is he building out there in the garage? When Hugh frog-marches his family into the garage, it looks as if he has really gone mad, and they are due to perish even before the plague wipes out all life on Earth. But the machine Hugh has been working on hurls them all—not forgetting their dog Ferdy—ever further into the future, and the escapade doesn't stop until the very end of time and space.

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