The Hotel Tacloban

Published by Open Road Media
A “very dramatic [and] compelling” World War II story of murder, mutiny, and a military cover-up, from the author of The Phoenix Program (The New York Times).

Captured by the Japanese while on patrol in the fetid jungles of New Guinea, Douglas Valentine’s father, who’d enlisted in the US Army at age sixteen, was sent to a prison camp in the Philippines, where he was interned with Australian and British soldiers.

The events that followed make up this “well-told, chilling” story of betrayal and brutality—a powerful tale of a son uncovering the traumatic events that shaped the rest of his father’s life (Los Angeles Times Book Review).

“Not just a searing picture of life in a terrible POW camp, it is also a significant historical document about a place that the U.S. military says never existed.” —Publishers Weekly

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