The Highwaymen

Published by Open Road Media
Along a lonely stretch of desert, a bandit robs for revenge

The Chicolote stagecoach is just outside of town when a highwayman tricks the driver into stopping. With a long-barreled hunting rifle, he forces the passengers to hand over their valuables and lifts nearly $30,000 in paper money from the coach before riding into the night. He hides his haul in a cave, keeping only a pair of diamond earrings to give to his beloved. Then he sends the sheriff a note with directions to recover the stash. For Hal Trevor does not want to steal—he simply wants to destroy the stagecoach line.

Calvin Poole, the line’s owner, made an enemy of Trevor by chasing his wife. When Poole hires the infamous Laredo to track down the mysterious highwayman, kindhearted Trevor becomes the one thing he never wanted to be—an outlaw.

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