Summer Girls, Love Boys

Published by Open Road Media
Some loves last forever—others, only a summer

The summer Mary turns fifteen, she meets an unsuitable boy with an even more unsuitable motorcycle. Who cares if he’s from the wrong side of the tracks? He’s fun, and that’s a risk Mary decides is worth taking.

Before she got married and had three children, Zelda quit college to work in a factory because she thought it would impress her seriously political boyfriend. But it was in the factory that she found a sisterhood and a source of inspiration that would last a lifetime—considerably longer than the boyfriend.

Lillian has lived all her life on Greene Street. She grew up there, got married there, raised two girls who went off to live their lives, and now—at her age!—she has the chance to leave it all behind and find love in sunny Florida. But can she, if it means living without Greene Street?

There are many kinds of love, and you’ll find most of them in this collection of short stories by the extraordinary Norma Fox Mazer.

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