Silence in Court

Published by Open Road Media
This London courtroom drama alternates between a murder trial and the events leading up to the crime

When Carey Silence first arrived at No. 13 Maitland Square, she was orphaned and penniless. Being taken in by her cousin, the very rich and domineering Honoria Maquisten, seemed the answer to her prayers. But what Carey encounters is hardly the safe haven she imagined. Mystery and scandal hang over the household like a shroud. And what is she to make of Jefferson Stewart, her handsome, self-appointed protector? Then Honoria shows Carey a magnificent diamond-and-ruby necklace that she promises will one day belong to her. The next day Honoria announces she’s going to draw up a new will. But before she can put pen to paper, she dies from a fatal dose of sleeping pills. The police descend and Carey is arrested for murder.

A classic courtroom drama with mystery, motive, and an abundance of suspects, Silence in Court, from the author of the Miss Silver Mysteries, will keep readers guessing right until the end.

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