Saturday Night

Published by Open Road Media
Will tonight be the night they each get their heart’s desire? Five high school juniors get ready for the dance they hope will change their lives forever
It’s Saturday night—the evening of the Autumn Leaves Dance.
Beth Rose is going solo in the dress she hopes will transform her from average student whom no one notices into someone special.
Anne is the girl Beth Rose wishes she could be: beautiful and smart, with impeccable grades and the perfect boyfriend. But would everyone think Anne was so flawless if they knew her secret?
Emily asked a boy she just met to take her to the dance—and he accepted. Now, with fifteen minutes to go, Emily hopes he shows up.
The whole dance was Kip’s idea, and she doesn’t even have a date.
Molly hasn’t got a single female friend, but all the boys love her. She has a date for the dance, but has already set her sights on another guy—somebody else’s boyfriend.
For these Westerly High juniors, their first formal dance will hold heartbreak, danger, and the thrilling promise of love.

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