Published by Open Road Media
Mysterious but seemingly peaceful aliens visit Earth and give select people a miraculous and terrifying gift in this highly original sci-fi novel.

“I am Aaron Lee Fairfax. I am forty-three years old. I am married to Janessa, but she wants a divorce. I work for Thagg, Morgan, and Edwards Brokerage Group in Kansas City, Missouri. I own a Maserati.” It all sounded so false, these big words coming out of a boy’s mouth. He sat alone, small in the adult-size chair, clad only in shortie pajamas with Peanuts characters rampant. His feet did not even reach the floor. “Why did you go on the Holn ship?” “Because I was curious.” “What happened in the Holn ship on June 10?” He stopped, stared at the floor. He took a breath, let it out. “They did something to us.”

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