Published by Open Road Media

Nothing goes according to plan in this glitzy novel of fame, fashion, and finding your own way in the world.

Susan is married to successful fashion industry player Edward Thorwald, traveling all over Europe and mingling with the most glamorous and exciting people. Yet she and her husband are growing apart as Edward becomes more and more wrapped up with his work and their high-powered lifestyle. Susan's resentment adds to the strain, until she decides to strike out on her own and show him that she can do something that matters. She hopes to command more of his respect and attention so that their love may flourish once more. However, struggling to achieve success in the fickle world of fashion is more difficult than she thought, despite all of her connections. Before she knows it, her goals begin to shift and her overwhelming desire for Edward's approval begins to fade. Susan finds that her most motivating factor is now a desire to express herself creatively. Forced to confront a new, more complete self emerging, Susan must come to terms with the fact that her life isn't always going to operate in terms of the pattern she has chosen.

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