One on One

Published by Open Road Media
In this captivating romance, nothing is what it seems

The last place Noah Tessler wants to be is stranded in the Nevada desert. But the Chicago diplomat is on a mission to find the woman who seduced his brother fifteen years ago . . . and the boy who is heir to the Tessler fortune. But single mom Michelin Albee is not at all what Noah expected. Neither is Gypsum, a one-horse ghost town waiting for the next revival of the Hollywood Western.

The tall, broad-shouldered hunk who Mich just towed to safety is clearly a stranger to these parts. She has no idea what brought Noah here, but he has already charmed the auto mechanic who harbors secret dreams of being a champion arm wrestler. And Mich’s teenage son has taken to Noah like he is one of them. But what happens once she discovers that the man she’s falling for is not who he claims to be? Will she and Noah lose their chance for a future together—their chance to be a family?

This ebook features an extended biography of Mary Kay McComas.

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