On the Move

Published by Open Road Media
On their first hiatus from TV’s cool new prime-time series, Bill, Miranda, TJ, Alison, Rafe, and Molly are looking forward to getting back to the real world—but will they ever be normal teenagers again?

The first season of Hard Time High is over, and Bill, Miranda, TJ, Alison, Rafe, and Molly have three whole weeks to themselves. It’s back to high school for Bill—no more cramming in homework between takes—and spending quality time with his girlfriend, Calista.

After years of acting on the road, Molly can’t wait to share a real Thanksgiving with Miranda and her family in New England. Between a commitment to a holiday parade and a spread for a fashion magazine, Alison won’t have much time for herself. Rafe is taking his parents on an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii. And TJ’s headed to Indiana to visit his mom. Then it’s on to New York to meet his East Coast fan club before he strikes out for London and Paris.

But it seems that Rafe, Molly, and TJ are keeping major, scandal-worthy secrets. In between reuniting with old friends and doing normal stuff like attending football games, they’re all trying to cope with their new celebrity and wondering what the new season has in store.

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