More Than Conquerors

Published by Open Road Media

A Southern debutante must choose between her Confederate sweetheart and a Yankee officer in this Civil War romance from the author of Love’s Gentle Journey.

Lucinda Matthews' life is perfect. Honey-blond with piercing gray eyes, she is Huntsville, Alabama's most admired debutante, not to mention the twinkle in the eye of her beloved fiancé, Ben Bradley. Then the Civil War invades the South, and Lucinda's life. Ben joins the Confederate forces as enemy troops occupy Lucinda's home. She finds solace in the arms of Yankee Major Seth Russell. But should she love this devilishly attractive man, the antagonist of everything she holds dear? Without his help, her father will probably be carried off to a Northern jail. When Ben returns, Lucinda must finally decide what it is her heart truly wants, and which man she loves: her childhood sweetheart, or her conqueror?

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