Miami Midnight

Published by Open Road Media
From the award-winning author: An enigmatic millionaire leads one unsuspecting woman into an underworld of pleasure and passion.

The elegant and classy Gabriel Collier returns home from Europe to find her mother drowning her sorrows in vodka, having squandered the family fortune. Determined to repair her family’s honor and save her mother’s health, Gaby begins the seemingly impossible task of mending the damage. When she meets the mysterious and exotic millionaire James Santo Milion, her troubles seem to melt away. But those dark, enchanting eyes hide secrets that threaten to destroy the security Gaby has worked so hard for. When the family pet is murdered, her home is violated, and the occult show up on her doorstep, Gaby begins to suspect polo is not James’s only hobby. Underneath the glitter of glamorous Miami resides a dark world of superstition and pleasure. As Gaby becomes engulfed in the depths of sin, her love burns ever brighter under the stars of the mysterious Miami midnight.

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