Mary McCarthy's Italy

Published by Open Road Media
Captivating portraits of two of the world’s most beguiling cities from the New York Times–bestselling author of The Group.

Mary McCarthy blends art, politics, religion, music, and history to create unique living portraits of two of Italy’s most enchanting cities in these enthralling books now available in one volume.

The Stones of Florence: The book Library Journal called “Mary McCarthy’s classic” takes readers on a timeless journey to the place where the Renaissance began. From Michelangelo to the Medicis, The Stones of Florence is McCarthy’s hymn to this immortal hub of art and commerce.

Venice Observed: McCarthy trains her gaze on the immortal City of Canals. At once a comprehensive travelogue and a powerful piece of reportage, Venice Observed contains “searching observations and astonishing comprehension of the Venetian taste and character” (New York Herald Tribune).

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