Maggie—Her Marriage

Published by Open Road Media
From a #1 New York Times–bestselling author: The unforgettable drama of a young woman torn between love and duty in nineteenth-century Virginia.

The daughter of an uneducated blacksmith, Maggie Hamilton wants nothing more than to rise above her impoverished background. Her ravishing beauty and earthy wit catch the eye of John Hobart, a wealthy landowner, but Maggie seems indifferent to his affections. Is it because her father disapproves of the match? Or is there another, more personal reason for her hesitation?

Although Maggie finally accepts John’s proposal, she remains sullen and distant. She alienates John’s family and earns the disapproval of her neighbors, who feel the young squire could have made a better match. But John remains determined to capture Maggie’s heart. Can he discover her secret and convince her of his worthiness before it’s too late?

The poignant tale of a proud young woman’s journey to adulthood and self-possession, MaggieHer Marriage features one of author Taylor Caldwell’s most compelling heroines.
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