Jubilee Trail

Published by <div>Open Road Media</div>
A willful New York debutante travels the rugged Great Plains for a future in the flourishing American West in this New York Times bestseller.

Charting the trail across the Great Plains from New York City to the Mexican territory of California, a headstrong couple embarks on a new life in this classic work of historical fiction as unforgiving, moving, and unpredictable as the frontier.

A recent finishing school graduate, eighteen-year-old Garnet Cameron is desperate for direction. Too driven for the restrictive manners of the upper class, Garnet is naturally drawn to Oliver Hale, a frontier trader. Unlike the men Garnet is accustomed to, Oliver treats her as his equal and respects her independence. His tales of adventure on the plains thrill her. And his proposal of marriage is accepted. Garnet eagerly grabs hold of the promise and prospect of an exciting future, only to discover how ill-prepared she is for the punishing landscape of the Jubilee Trail and the even harsher realities of human nature.

Adapted into a feature film, Jubilee Trail is a classic novel of a woman in the West, beloved not only for the rebelliousness and resilience of its heroine, but for its authenticity, grand sweep, unsparing intimacy, and honest portrayal of the survivors and victims—as well as the victors and villains—of a defiant American wilderness.

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