How to Marry . . . a Million-Dollar Man

Published by Open Road Media
A single mom sets her sights on a rich husband, but a sexy handyman could turn her world upside down . . .

Clarissa Shaughnessy is a single mother with a seven-year-old son, not enough money and a plan: find and marry a man worth at least a million dollars. She does her research, schemes to crash the “right” tony parties and is determined not to fall in love with a sexy, penniless guy who just happens to be courting her intensely.

Conor James is smitten from the beginning, loves Clarissa’s adorable son and thinks she is way too far gone in her search for financial security. But how is he going to convince her to give in to passion when sense tells her that wealth is the answer? He must overcome her practical instincts, heal a heart that’s been hurt too many times and prove once again that love does conquer all.

How to Marry . . . a Million-Dollar Man, originally published under the byline Vivian Leiber

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