Happy Endings

Published by Open Road Media
Happy Endings is a collection of forty stories about people who said good-bye in unique and uplifting ways. This is not to say their narratives—generously shared with the author by families and caregivers—are without pain and sorrow. Yet, the final stage of life holds remarkable possibilities to strengthen bonds between loved ones and confirm our faith in the hereafter. An elderly woman prepares a magnificent deathbed of rose petals from bouquets in her sickroom . . . a young boy climbs aboard a pony only he and his mother can see . . . a delirious man hands his daughter a piece of tissue in the perfect likeness of an angel. Dying is the natural conclusion to life, and these stories invite you to re-examine your own perception of death. Most of all, they remind us that, while our time here on Earth is temporary, our spiritual existence is not. The publication of Happy Endings led to the discovery of more stories in the same vein and a second volume, More Happy Endings, containing an additional forty-five stories, followed the first. Here, both volumes are brought together in a single package.

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