For Bitter or Worse

Published by Open Road Media
The New York Times–bestselling author of the Americana series asks if love can truly overcome any hardship—“Dailey remains the best!” (Affaire de Coeur).

Stacy and Cord Harris had the perfect marriage. Their love, they thought, would see them through any troubles that came along. But a year after he survives a devastating plane crash, Cord is still confined to a wheelchair, bitterly lashing out at everyone around him—especially his wife. No matter how Stacy tries to reassure him, Cord can’t accept her love as anything but pity. In a last ditch effort to reach him, Stacy enlists the help of a physiotherapist.

Paula Hanson understands Cord’s physical, mental, and emotional condition in ways Stacy just can’t. It’s incredible how much he’s improving thanks to her influence. But as Paula helps Cord feel like a man again, is she also replacing Stacy as the woman in his life?

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