Christmas Moon

Published by Open Road Media
“A marvelous story filled with the spirit of Christmas miracles . . . An engaging, intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable story of timeless love” (Love Western Romance).

Pregnant, unwed and down on her luck, history teacher Emma Carlyle is facing the worst Christmas of her life. Needing some research for her master’s thesis on legendary Wyoming lawman J.D. McNulty, she makes a Christmas Eve drive to South Pass City, where J.D. was buried. Heading home, she loses her way in a storm. After her car vanishes, she ends up in 1870, half-frozen and in labor, on the doorstep of a remote mountain cabin. When J.D. himself opens the door with a pistol in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other . . . well, let’s just say that sparks start flying. These two lost souls are clearly meant for each other. But there’s one problem. Emma has studied everything about J.D.—and she knows he has only a few weeks to live.

Historical author Elizabeth Lane has penned a sensual time travel romp that will delight the reader from beginning to end.

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