Children of the Wolf

Published by Open Road Media
When humans rescued the wolf-boy, they were unaware of the danger it would put them in

Saved from the werewolves who want him to join them, Gruff is taken in by a family of normal humans. He is fond of Paul and his sister, Kim, remembering the kind of sibling bond he once had with the wolf pups. He tries to behave like a normal boy, eating with utensils and attending school, but he knows there are only a few weeks left before the next full moon and the change he’s bound to endure.

Trying to resist the pull of the wereing—the transformation into full werewolf—Gruff must hide when the moon transforms him. But his change is not the only danger that lurks in the small town of Fox Hollow, a place full of people who don’t believe in monsters—even when the monsters lurk among them.

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