Bound to Happen

Published by Open Road Media
A novel that asks the age-old question, Does true love really exist?

Leslie Rothe wants to believe in love. But the data research analyst has just about given up on finding the One. Her life changes the day she crashes her car into a stranger’s truck. Suddenly, Leslie is stranded in the Rocky Mountains with a man who awakens treacherous desire within her—and there is no hope of rescue in sight.

Joe Bonner loves the mountains, and will do everything in his power to preserve his Western ancestors’ sacred legacy. Now he has found a woman who shares his passion for the land. But he soon discovers that Leslie works for a developer who is out to destroy the pristine wilderness that Joe is fighting so hard to save. Has he given his trust to a woman fated to betray him? Or has he found a love that transcends differences—a love to have and to hold in his heart forever?

This ebook features an extended biography of Mary Kay McComas.

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