Bluegrass King

Published by Open Road Media
From the New York Times–bestselling author’s Americana series: A beautiful Kentucky horse trainer gives a handsome blueblood a run for his money.

Discover romance across America with Janet Dailey’s classic series featuring a love story set in each of the fifty states. With more than 300 million books sold, Dailey is an undisputed legend of contemporary romantic fiction—and in Bluegrass King, she celebrates a love as lush as the rolling hills of Kentucky.

Dani Williams has always resented wealthy, self-confident Barrett King. The scion of a blueblood Kentucky family, Barrett is used to the best of everything—while Dani and her horse-trainer father struggle to get by. But now they own The Rogue, a thoroughbred racehorse Dani is sure will be a champion. Finally, she’ll get to show Barrett that he can’t always win.

But there’s no such thing as a sure thing—on the racetrack or in love. And when tragedy strikes for Dani, Barrett’s sincere caring threatens to reveal a devastating truth: Her resentment masks an aching desire for the almost impossibly handsome man. But if she unchains her heart, will Barrett welcome her into his world of Kentucky privilege? And could she ever belong?

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