Beggar's Choice

Published by Open Road Media
In 1929, a down-on-his-luck Londoner gets swept up in a high-stakes game of deception and mystery

Carthew “Car” Fairfax has just been rejected from an advertising job when he comes face-to-face with an ex-flame. Three years after breaking off their affair, Car still pines for the beautiful, elegant Isobel Tarrant. Following their chance meeting, a stranger slips a note into his hand, offering Car the opportunity to earn five hundred pounds. But before Car can decide whether to pursue the mysterious offer, Fay Everitt shows up on his doorstep. Secretly married to Car’s former military buddy Peter Lymington, Fay is in trouble—and in desperate need of five hundred pounds. Then the gorgeous Anna Lang offers Car five hundred pounds if he’s willing to forge a check and go to prison. And now a fourth woman suddenly appears: Corinna Lee, the American cousin Car never knew he had . . .

Everything is connected, if Car could only figure out how. Determined to help his friend’s wife, he plunges into a shadowy world of deceit and skullduggery where nothing is as it seems and one wrong move could cost him everything—including the woman he loves.

Beggar’s Choice is a twisty, atmospheric puzzler from the author of the Miss Silver Mysteries.

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