Arcanum 101

Published by RosettaBooks

A teenager with a magical gift is sent to an unusual boarding school in this urban fantasy novel by the acclaimed co-authors of the Shadow Grail series.

Fifteen-year-old Tomas Torres has a most unusual gift: he can start fires with his fingertips and conjure fireballs with his hands. When he’s arrested for a mysterious arson, the court decides to convict him—despite the lack of evidence—and send him off to school. As far as Tomas is concerned, St. Rhiannon’s School for the Gifted and Exceptional Student sounds like jail by another name. But once he arrives on campus, he’s surprised to discover he’s not alone.

St. Rhia's is a school for students of all ages with gifts like Tomas's: pre-cogs, storm-callers, witches, healers, wizards, techno-shamans, psionics, firestarters, teleporters, psychics, sensitives and much more. Things he could never have imagined are common occurrences at St. Rhia's, and soon Tomas is eager to learn everything he can from his attractive young mentor, VeeVee. While Tomas may be gifted, he must learn to control his powers and live by the laws of magic.And there’s no time to lose, because Tomas and his friends are about to embark on journey through St. Rhia's and beyond, testing their gifts in the outside world and the magical worlds of Chaos.

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