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"This Is Berlin"

William L. Shirer
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Arthur C. Clarke
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Arthur C. Clarke
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Arthur C. Clarke
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40 Days with God

Rebecca St. James
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A Fall of Moondust

Arthur C. Clarke
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A Joy I'd Never Known

Jan Dravecky
Connie Neal
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A Rose Remembered

Michael Phillips
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A Thousand Lies

Sharon Sala
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A Woman of Substance

Barbara Taylor Bradford
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Act of Will

Barbara Taylor Bradford
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Aim for the Heart

Ridley Pearson
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All Fall Down

James Leo Herlihy
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Ann at Highwood Hall

Robert Graves
Edward Ardizzone
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Arms and the Covenant, 1938

Winston S. Churchill
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Back in Society

M. C. Beaton
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Richard Matheson
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Ball Four

Jim Bouton
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Beauty & the Bitch

Jan Meyers Proett
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Berlin Diary

William L. Shirer
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Sharon Sala
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Beyond the Fall of Night

Arthur C. Clarke
Gregory Benford
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Sharon Sala
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Sharon Sala
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Camp Pleasant

Richard Matheson
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Gerald Clarke
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Change We Must

Matthew Goldstein
George Otte
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Childhood's End

Arthur C. Clarke
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Martin Gilbert
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Churchill by Himself

Winston S. Churchill
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