A Land Called Deseret

Published by Open Road Media
A tale of romance, passion, and rebirth in the rugged deserts of Utah from a New York Times–bestselling author.

LaRaine came to Hollywood in search of a rich husband and an easy life. But just as she got the chance to star in a movie, her wealthy fiancé cut her loose, ending her gold-digging career before it started. A few flops later, LaRaine’s career is on its last legs, and she’s looking for a safe haven.

Instead, she’ll find Deseret. In the wild expanse of the Utah desert, she meets a hard-bitten rancher during a location scout. He moves her in ways she didn’t know were possible, and fills her with a love that will inspire her to remake herself as someone new.

America’s first lady of romance fiction, Janet Dailey’s masterwork was her Americana series—fifty novels of passion, with each set in a different state. A Land Called Deseret is an unforgettable trip to Utah.

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