Storms of Victory

Andre Norton

published by
Open Road Media
Two full-length novels of the Witch World, set in the time of the greatest and most terrible cataclysm in its history: the Turning.

Long ago, the realm of the Witch World was in mortal peril from ruthless, seemingly unstoppable invaders. In a final, desperate bid for salvation, all of the witches of Escarp combined their strength and moved the very mountains to stop the enemy. But in doing so, they forever changed the face of their world, sacrificing themselves and unleashing long-dormant powers upon the lands. Here, in one volume, are two thrilling tales of that chaotic time . . .

Port of Dead Ships by Andre Norton: Destree m’Regnant is an outcast amongst the Sulcars, due to the strange circumstances of her birth and her unsettling ability to see the future. But when she joins an expedition south across the sea, her gifts may be the only thing that can save her and her shipmates when an ancient evil that ensnares souls sets its dark eye upon them.

Sea Keep by P. M. Griffin: The proud, rough-hewn Falconers and the haughty nobles of the Dales have little to do with each other. But when a fleet of marauding pirates begins ravaging the Dales, the two peoples must look beyond their differences to face their common foe.


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