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A Beautiful Truth

Colin McAdam
Buy A Deadly Paradise at Amazon

A Deadly Paradise

Grace Brophy
Buy A Few Drops of Blood at Amazon

A Few Drops of Blood

Jan Merete Weiss
Buy A Tiger's Heart at Amazon

A Tiger's Heart

Aisling Juanjuan Shen
Buy A Vine in the Blood at Amazon

A Vine in the Blood

Leighton Gage
Buy A Woman in Amber at Amazon

A Woman in Amber

Agate Nesaule
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Katharine Beutner
Buy Another Sun at Amazon

Another Sun

Timothy Williams
Buy August Snow at Amazon

August Snow

Stephen Mack Jones
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Andromeda Romano-Lax
Buy Billy Boyle at Amazon

Billy Boyle

James R. Benn
Buy Black August at Amazon

Black August

Timothy Williams
Buy Blood of the Wicked at Amazon

Blood of the Wicked

Leighton Gage
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Bomb Magazine
Buy Bright Starry Banner at Amazon

Bright Starry Banner

Alden R. Carter
Buy Buried Strangers at Amazon

Buried Strangers

Leighton Gage
Buy Chilled to the Bone at Amazon

Chilled to the Bone

Quentin Bates
Buy Chinatown Beat at Amazon

Chinatown Beat

Henry Chang
Buy Chosen Forever at Amazon

Chosen Forever

Susan Richards
Buy Chosen by a Horse at Amazon

Chosen by a Horse

Susan Richards
Buy Cold Comfort at Amazon

Cold Comfort

Quentin Bates
Buy Come Closer at Amazon

Come Closer

Sara Gran
Buy Converging Parallels at Amazon

Converging Parallels

Timothy Williams
Buy Crown of Dust at Amazon

Crown of Dust

Mary Volmer
Buy Dark Dreams at Amazon

Dark Dreams

Michael Genelin
Buy Death Money at Amazon

Death Money

Henry Chang
Buy Death in Springtime at Amazon

Death in Springtime

Magdalen Nabb
Buy Deep Night at Amazon

Deep Night

Caroline Petit
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Graeme Kent
Buy Dragon Day at Amazon

Dragon Day

Lisa Brackmann
Buy Dying Gasp at Amazon

Dying Gasp

Leighton Gage
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