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50 Dates in 50 States

M.L. Brocklehurst
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60 Going on Fifty

Ed Poole
Kathi Poole
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7 Rules of Achievement

Tom Terwilliger
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ABCs of Speaking

Adryenn Ashley
Bret Ridgway
Caterina Rando
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Absolutely Should-Less

Damon L. Jacobs
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Actively Caring for People Policing

E. Scott Geller
Bobby Kipper
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Alive on the Andrea Doria!

Pierette Domenica Simpson
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All Creatures

Elizabeth Simmons
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Allergy Free with Dr. Z

John F. Zwetchkenbaum
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S. R. Franklin
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Anonymous No More

Alisa Massey
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Answers in Abundance

Elliott J. Anderson
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Awake at the Wheel

Mitchell Lewis Ditkoff
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Back to the Summit

Sen. Omer Rains
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Ballad for Baghdad

Ali Elizabeth Turner
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Battles of the Sexes

Dr. Joe Malone
Sarah Achelpohl Harris
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Beyond My Yesterdays

Jeannie Keneley
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Beyond Powerful

Lala Jackson
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Kristan Dooley
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Billion-Dollar Branding

Honey Parker
Blaine Parker
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Bridge Builders

Maria Keckler
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Dave Jennings
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Catch Fire

Douglas Scott Nelson
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Travis Angry
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Chick Flick

Noga Porat
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Choose to Live

Joyce O'Brien
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Circle of Terror

Larry Powalisz
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