Watching the Bodies

Published by Bloodhound Books

A bouncer at a Utah bar takes on a killer far more frightening than his usual rowdy clientele…

Jake Boulder, a tough transplanted Scotsman, makes his living throwing aggressive drunks out of a bar in Utah called the Joshua Tree. It may be a dangerous job sometimes, but it’s nothing compared to what he’s about to take on. His friend Alfonse—who also stands out a bit in this small Utah town, as a bookish, tech-savvy African-American PI—has asked for his help investigating the vicious murder of a local party girl. Soon, he finds himself tracking a serial killer who selects his next victim in a most unusual manner.

As the body count rises, Boulder has to work with the police to identify the heinous killer before more lives are taken. What ensues is a twisted game of cat and mouse that either Boulder or the Watcher can survive, but not both…

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