War of Wings

Published by Brown Books Publishing Group
Two angels—Gabriel and Lucifer—face each other in battle in a “story of arrogance, spite, and betrayal [with] a truly epic feel” (Kirkus Reviews).

Written from the two opposing perspectives of Gabriel and Lucifer, War of Wings follows their paths and love stories as they face a violent war that leads to the fall of one-third of the angels from Heaven.

Gabriel, the archangel, loves life, but there is one thing in Heaven that he cannot tolerate: perfection. Lucifer, God’s highest cherubim angel and “perfect image of beauty,” stands alone in the hierarchy leading praise, worship, music, and laughter in the hope that one day he will be promoted to God’s equal. War of Wings is a fast-paced journey of two battling angels yearning for change. Their destinies emerge from triumph, failure, love, and heartbreak, as they discover that even in Heaven, decisions always have consequences.

“McElroy follows in John Milton’s footsteps in this slick, contemporary recreation of the war for heaven….He writes confidently—sometimes brilliantly.”—Kirkus Reviews

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