Published by City Owl Press

An “exceptional” dystopian tale with “scathing commentaries on police brutality, crime prevention, population control, classism, and state-sponsored murder.”—Publishers Weekly

Living the ideal life is a human right—unless you’re unregistered…

Bristol lives under the watchful eye of the Metrics as an unlucky second child. The government grants its citizens the ideal life. Perfect spouse. Perfect job. Perfect home. But dare to have more than one child, and you’ll become an outcast­—the unregistered.

Now, he’ll protest the abusive system in the only way he knows how, painting controversial murals in the hidden parts of town. But the government doesn’t condone dissent. And the frustrated unregistered citizens need to be handled. The relocation plan goes into effect and all unregistered must be sent to far-off desert states.

The question is whether Bristol and his friends will be able to escape the government’s clutches—and survive long enough to discover an unknown world…

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